I am a cultural ambassador,

I am a spiritual ambassador,

of the Jewish people.

We have authentic cultural lineage.

Even beyond the deep spiritual, outerwordly Torah and deep avoid on midst.

As a Jew I am proud my heritage, my culture, my land, my people.

My Judaism is not defined by 21st century geopolitical BS.

Yes there is what to say there, but my judaism runs so much deeper.

Across centuries, across worlds.

We have survived 2000 years of exile, only to return to our original land,

and I roam the streets of Jerusalem.

Freely, almost safely. 


The infinity of the Jewish people. As a people.

That it doesn’t matter if you identify or believe in Gd or religion

Beyond it all. We are part of a shared history, a past, a language, a people.

A nation so diverse, music, traditions, foods, wars, land.

We still hurt our collective past of suffering and celebrate our aliveness