Cream and Black Pitch Deck Presentation


Cream and Black Pitch Deck Presentation
Cream and Black Pitch Deck Presentation

movement | meditation workshops

"dveykoot" | Heb. דבקות | adj. - "Clinging to The Eternal"

Jewish mystical concept = a deep, trance like meditative state.

Movement Meditation Workshops.

Leading women through an unravelment process to help them come closer -

to themselves,

their bodies,

each other.


We sweat our prayers.

Go deep into our bodies.

Lose our psyches






Love deeper.

Feel deeper.


dance off the layers -

..becoming the highest expressions of ourselves

we were created to be.

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ORA is a celebration.

A ceremony for your soul.
A sacred observance of self. Movement to release the things that are stuck and to unleash your wild creativity. A place for self-expression and individuality while connecting together.